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Our five asks

A ban vaping vector.
Vaping and
young people

Children’s healthy weight

Gambling harms

Climate and health

Prioritise preventive health

Acting on these areas will improve the health and wellbeing of people across NSW

Media release (20/3/23) – Red light for NSW Labor gambling policy: Public Health scorecard

The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) New South Wales branch has released its NSW Election Campaign Scorecard today, highlighting Labor’s gambling policy as a “disappointing dud” compared to the offerings of the Liberals and Greens.  The scorecard uses a traffic light system to rate each of the major political party’s responses to five public health issues – gambling harms, e-cigarettes and young people, climate change and health, junk food marketing and kids, and prioritising public health.

Media release (9/3/23) – NSW Labor urged to address gambling harms to protect its communities

The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) has written to sitting New South Wales Labor parliamentarians, urging they improve their party’s position on gambling before the 25 March election to protect people from the many health harms of gambling addiction.

Croakey: Politicians to face a grilling on these key health issues ahead of New South Wales election

PHAA NSW Branch President, Associate Professor Kate McBride, and public health communication researcher Joshua Karras outline the 27 February public health debate to be hosted by the NSW Branch at the Western Sydney University. More in this article in Croakey Health Media.

Media release (24/2/2023) PHAA and Cancer Council NSW call for removal of junk food marketing on NSW government property

Cancer Council NSW and the Public Health Association of Australia are today calling on the next NSW Government to remove unhealthy food marketing on government owned and controlled property such as public transport, with new Cancer Council NSW research showing an increase public support for government action on food marketing.

Media release (30/1/23) It’s time for NSW to tackle vaping, gambling, and junk food advertising

Public health experts in NSW have issued a call for the next NSW Government to sideline industry interests and tackle gambling, e-cigarettes and junk food advertising to protect the state’s health. Full statement here

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