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Act boldly on climate change

Reduce climate-related harms on public health by banning new coal and gas mines, including expansions.

Hold a NSW focused Health and Climate Summit to determine actions that protect health and safety across workplaces, neighbourhoods and communities.

The people of NSW want to live in a secure, safe and liveable environment that helps them be and stay healthy. Climate change is a global health emergency with local consequences. Climate induced floods and bushfires are posing a serious risk to NSW communities, economy, and environment. Unless strident actions are taken now, these problems will deepen existing inequalities, and further marginalise people who are most vulnerable. Some areas of NSW government are leading the way in emissions reductions and adaptation, but communities want bolder whole-of-government action.

See our election platform document for more evidence, and the policy context.

Images: Freepik / Flaticon / Twemoji/ Canva Pro, Giuseppe Ramos – STU/Canva Pro.

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