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Minimise harms of gambling

Everyone in NSW has the right to a financially secure and happy future. But that’s threatened by the pernicious affects of gambling addiction. Electronic gaming machine turnover at hotels and clubs was about $95 billion in 2020-21, equivalent to more than a quarter of all household consumption expenditure in NSW during that financial year. The NSW Crime Commission says NSW is the gambling capital of Australia. Governments should protect the health of communities by improving regulation and introducing harm minimisation and product safety interventions.

The next NSW Government can help people control their gambling by implementing a universal pre-commitment cashless card system with upper limits per day, month and year. Reforms must also include a one button self-exclusion mechanism; prohibitions on inducements, advertising and marketing; and penalties to deter breaches of such regulation and legislation.

We urge political parties give better public gaming policy a chance by refusing pre-election agreements with the gaming industry.

See our election platform document for more evidence, and the policy context.

Images: Freepik / Flaticon / Mynamepong / Canva Pro.

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