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2022 Victorian state election

Our six asks

The Victorian 2022 election campaign outlined six strategies that would put the state on a path so that people could live, learn, work and play in healthy and sustainable environments.

5% on preventive health

Public health units

Public health officers

5% for mental health

First Nations’ health

Climate and health
Our six asks to improve the health of everyone in Victoria
We partnered in the 2022 VIC state election

As public health professionals and voters, you have an important voice in the upcoming election.

Our election priorities outline six strategies that will put us on the path so that Victorian communities can live, learn, work and play in healthy, fair and sustainable environments.

Help us shift the focus and spend of the health system to prevention, and to stem the unsustainable trend of ever-increasing treatment-focussed expenditure.

Victorian State Election advocacy campaign launch by PHAA VIC and AHPA VIC/TAS
The PHAA Victoria Prevention Subcommittee on a campaign bereft of long-term thinking

Election Scorecard

The PHAA VIC Branch, the Australian Health Promotion Association VIC/TAS Branch and the Australasian Epidemiological Association have assessed the major parties’ policies and have compared them to our election platform. The scorecard will help you make decisions about which party to vote for.

Election Platform

Full Version – Our election priorities, evidence base and policy context
Short Version – Our election priorities in a short format, good for sharing with friends, family and colleagues 

Public Health Advocacy

Advocacy Toolkit – A toolkit giving you all the information and resources you need to engage in political and social media advocacy throughout the election campaign.
Template Advocacy Letter – A template letter for local candidates and party health spokespeople to raise their awareness of the #VoteForPublicHealth campaign.

Social Media Tiles

Images you can use in social media advocacy to help boost your message.
Don’t forget to mention @PhaaVic, @AHPA_AU, and @AustralasianEpi in your tweets, and use the #VoteForPublicHealth hashtag in your posts.

This Election – I’m voting for public health….
(click links below to download images)

  1. …because prevention is better than the cure
  2. …because I want my kids to have the best healthy life they can 
  3. …because healthy communities are productive communities
  4. …because I want us to be prepared for future health challenges
  5. …so we can reduce the pressure on the health system

Six Election Priorities – Multi-tile

Download this zip file.

Post all seven images in order, or share the election priority you are most passionate about.

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