7 – Healthy democracy and public policy-making

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Lobbying by commercial interests in Australia is highly coordinated and effective in influencing policy outcomes. This causes lacklustre public health policy and climate change policy, a self-regulated industry, and an environment conducive to corruption.

Stronger laws regarding financial donations to political parties and transparency exist at state level, but are deficient at the federal level.

PHAA Senior Policy Officer, Malcolm Baalman, shares how to make Australia’s democracy healthier.

The level of expenditure on election campaigns should be constrained to reasonable levels.

Expenditure by commercial interests on third-party public influence campaigns, including concealed social media campaigns, should be subject to limits and be transparent.


  • Legislate a major overhaul of regulation and transparency relating to financial donations and lobbying influence by commercial interests
Lobbying by commercial interests is highly coordinated & effective at weakening public policy. Stronger regulation on lobbying & financial donations must be enacted to improve the health of Australia's democracy. #VoteForPublicHealth Click To Tweet

Download our election campaign brochure.

PHAA 2022 election campaign brochure

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