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6 – Climate and health

The close and delicate relationship between people and planet has been highlighted by the pandemic and previous disease outbreaks. A true economic and social recovery from the pandemic will be one that addresses climate change.

Climate change directly damages our health. These include:

The impacts of global warming are already visible. Australia is enduring increasing catastrophic climate related events of heat waves, droughts, floods and the most recently the 2019-2020 bushfires.

Australia’s rainfall variability will increase (longer dry spells and heavier rain events), threatening water supplies and agriculture.

PHAA President, Adjunct Professor Tarun Weeramanthri, says Australia has much to lose by not taking rapid, sustained action to cut our emissions.
David Templeman (PHAA President 2016-2020), on two silent killers exacerbated by climate change – air quality and heat stroke.

Australia needs a suite of measures to curb emissions and adapt to higher temperatures in ways that protect and promote health.


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