3 – Invest in the national public health workforce

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New and existing gaps in the public health workforce have been highlighted by COVID-19. A public health workforce has a vital role in building resilience of communities and health systems.

Investment will optimise performance, quality and impact, leading to healthier lives and better well-being.

PHAA CEO, Adjunct Professor Terry Slevin, on why the next Australian Government needs to invest in the national Public Health workforce.

Opportunities exist to improve workforce efficiency and effectiveness through education, retention, equitable distribution and performance.

Maximising improvements in the public health workforce shortages involves all urban, rural, and remote parts of Australia.


  • Establish and fund a standardised national public health training program for all jurisdictions, including recruiting high quality candidates from both medical and non-medical backgrounds
  • Establish nation-wide ongoing professional development credentialing programs for public health professionals
  • Conduct a national review aimed at identifying additional means of increasing the size, expertise and surge capacity of the Australian public health workforce 

Download our election campaign brochure.

PHAA 2022 election campaign brochure

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New and existing gaps in the #PublicHealth workforce have been highlighted by COVID-19. Investment in this workforce will optimise performance, quality & impact, leading to healthier lives & better well-being. #VoteForPublicHealth Click To Tweet
This video explores some of the many Public Health work force challenges facing Australia. The Symposium was hosted by the PHAA, National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) and the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine in Dec 2021.
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