Vote for Public Health NSW. Five public health priorities to protect and improve the health of people in NSW.

Now’s the time to improve NSW’s health

#VoteForPublicHealth on 25 March 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic and weather extremes exacerbated by climate change have shown the weaknesses of our public health system and wider sectors. Inquiries into the gambling sector have shown how its pernicious effects harm individuals and households. We can and must act, and use the upcoming election to create a healthier state.

Our election priorities outline five areas that, if acted on by the next government, will help improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in New South Wales.

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Vaping and
young people
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Children’s healthy weight
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Gambling harms
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Climate and health
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Prioritise preventive health
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The areas are vaping and e-cigarettes, unhealthy products targeting children and young people, minimising gambling, fighting climate change, and investing in preventive health. Acting on the evidence with policies and investments will result in better health and wellbeing for generations of people in Australia’s most populous state. And it will also save the incoming government money.

We must shift the focus and spending of the NSW health system to prioritise prevention. We must reduce the need for people to visit hospitals and associated services, by ensuring people are able to live healthier lives. For every $1 it invests, the NSW Government can save $14 through disease prevention, meaning less need for costly ambulance, emergency and hospital services.

We urge everyone eligible to vote in the NSW state election to vote for public health on 25 March. Investing in public health will lead to a healthier future for all communities, as well as making society and the economy stronger overall.

Election Scorecard

The PHAA NSW Branch will assess the major parties’ election policies, and compare them to our election platform. This forthcoming scorecard will help you make decisions about for whom to cast your vote.

Election Platform

Our election priorities, evidence base and policy context

View the full eight-page platform, or the one-page summary.

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